Solid vs Hollow End Links

Every bracelet we sell has either solid or hollow (aka "standard") end links.  There are pros and cons of each, and we often get questions about the differences between them.

Hollow End Links

Hollow end links are made from one thinner piece of steel that is folded in order to create a curved link.  This means that they are lighter and can be bent.  Historically, most bracelets on vintage watches have come standard with hollow end links.  They are sometimes more desirable because they are more forgiving and the tabs can be bent to achieve a desired fit (or even to fit different watch).  For more on that process, see this guide.

Solid End Links

Solid end links, on the other hand, are milled from one solid piece of metal, making them heavier.  Because of the construction, solid end links are less forgiving and cannot be modified.  However, when mounted they sit much more firmly in place, and in general have a higher quality feel.