Bracelet Clasp Options

I sell many different style clasps with my bracelets, and I often get questions about the differences between them.  Below is a short breakdown of each style, as well as a video that will show you what they look like and how each one works.



Vintage Pressure Clasp

The pressure clasp is an older style clasp, though it retains a lot of popularity with many people due to the comfort and "old school" feel.  It is typically longer and has more micro-adjustments than a milled clasp might have. 

It features a hinge mechanism that allows the bracelet to open and close via a pressure tab inside the clasp.  Because of this, it does not have any true "locking" mechanism, so it is the least secure clasp of the list.  However, you can manually adjust the pressure tab to your desired resistance - checkout this tutorial for more info.

Flip-Lock Diver Clasp

The diver clasp is a popular choice for sport watches.  This type of clasp is the most secure and durable thanks to the fold-over lock and two-button deployment, making it ideal for water sports and other activities. However, it is not as sleek as other types of clasps and may not be as suitable for dress wear. 

Solid Milled Clasp

The milled clasp is a type of clasp that is made by cutting a solid piece of metal into a specific shape. This type of clasp is known for its durability, strength and resistance to wear and tear. 

The solid milled clasps generally have fewer micro-adjustment holes, but the pressure clasp styles may have as many as 7.  The milled clasp deploys very smoothly and has a very good fit and finish. 

The milled clasp can either be a vintage pressure style or it can have two button deployment.

Double Button Milled Clasp

The double button milled clasp is the nicest clasp I offer.  It is longer and sleeker than the solid milled clasp, and features an incredibly smooth two-button deployment.  Due to the increased length, you'll also find more micro-adjustment holes which will ensure a perfect fit.