Bending end links to fit new cases

It's always exciting when a customer lets me know that one of my bracelets fits a new watch.  Sometimes the bracelet will fit the case radius perfectly and align with the spring bar holes with a nice tight fit between the end links and case.  Occasionally, though, you will need to do some light modifications to make it work.

Below you'll find one of the most common mods needed to get your Uncle Seiko bracelets on the wrist where they belong.  If you haven't already, checkout the Bracelet Compatibility Chart to view a list of all bracelet/watch combinations I offer. 

Bend the end links

This is the most common mod needed to get various bracelets working, and it's a good place to start because it's easy to undo without messing anything up.  Essentially, you will just be bending the "tabs" on the end links to widen or narrow the space between the tab and the top of the link.  This will allow the end links to fit tightly with larger or smaller watches.

Below is a very quick tutorial on how to do this.